In today’s world, we face the threat of pandemics and bioterrorism that pose significant risks to global health security. In an environment where the globalisation of trade accelerates the spread of epidemics and the geopolitical context increases the risk of bioterrorist attacks, nations should be prepared to address various situations relative to public health and medical emergency.


Fabentech’s mission is to collaborate closely with governments and healthcare organisations, providing timely and effective medical countermeasures to combat highly pathogenic agents during public health crises. We help nations to build robust preparedness plans that enable effective anticipation and response to potential future pandemics and bioterror attacks.

Whether the source is a natural outbreak or a deliberate biological attack, our objective is to minimise the impact of these growing risks and safeguard public health and safety globally.

Our responsibility is to better prepare for future health challenges of this scope. We must anticipate and stop any cross-border health threats before they become a crisis.

Ursula von der Leyen – European Commission President


Our ongoing projects mark only the starting point of what we aim to achieve. We are open to partnering with individuals or organisations that are ready to tackle issues related to public health and biodefence. Please send us a message if you are interested in a partnership.