Efficacy of a specific polyclonal equine F(ab')2 against avian influenza (H5N1) in ferrets: synergy with oseltamivir

Future Medicine

Future Medicine

Cécile H Herbreteau 1Mélanie Denizot 1Suzanne Lowther 2Sarah Riddell 2Leah Frazer 2Jessica Haining 2Rachel Arkinstall 2Jean Payne 2Jenni Harper 2Dayna Johnson 2Anaïs Pasquier 1Deborah Middleton 2Jean-François Saluzzo 1


Aim: Current therapies against avian influenza (H5N1) provide limited clinical benefit. FBF-001 is a highly purified equine polyclonal immunoglobulin fragment against H5N1.

Methods: Using a ferret model of severe acute H5N1 infection, we assessed FBF-001 when administered on the same day or 1 day after viral challenge, in comparison with oseltamivir therapy.

Results: Untreated animals died 2-3 days after challenge. FBF-001 prevented most severe illness and reduced nasal viral load, with best efficacy when administered on the day of viral challenge. Oseltamivir and FBF-001 had synergistic impact on survival.

Conclusion: FBF-001 prevented severe consequences of lethal H5N1 challenge in ferrets by controlling viral replication, an effect synergistic to oseltamivir. FBF-001 has recently been granted EMA orphan drug status.

Keywords: A/H5N1; F(ab’)2; avian influenza; ferret; immunoglobulin; oseltamivir.


Future Medicine, Immunotherapy, Vol 8, No 9

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  • 1Fab’entech, 24, rue Jean Baldassini – Bâtiment B, 69007 Lyon, France.
  • 2CSIRO Australian Animal Health Laboratory, Geelong, Victoria, Australia.