In Vitro Characterization and In Vivo Effectiveness of Ebola Virus Specific Equine Polyclonal F(ab')2

Journal of Infectious Diseases

The Journal of Infectious Diseases

Trina Racine 1 2 3Mélanie Denizot 4Delphine Pannetier 5Ludovic Nguyen 4Anaïs Pasquier 4Hervé Raoul 5Jean-François Saluzzo 4Gary Kobinger 2 6 3 7Francisco Veas 8Cécile H Herbreteau 4


There is no vaccine or approved therapy against lethal Ebola virus (EBOV). We investigated a proven technology platform to produce polyclonal IgG fragments, F(ab’)2, against EBOV. Horses immunized with nanoparticles harboring surface glycoprotein trimers of EBOV-Zaire/Makona produced anti-Ebola IgG polyclonal antibodies with high neutralization activity. Highly purified equine anti-Ebola F(ab’)2 showed strong cross-neutralization of 2 Zaire EBOV strains (Gabon 2001 and Makona) and in vivo 3 or 5 daily F(ab’)2 intraperitoneal injections provided 100% protection to BALB/c mice against lethal EBOV challenge. Rapid preparation of purified equine anti-Ebola F(ab’)2 offers a potentially efficient therapeutic approach against EBOV disease in humans.

Keywords: Ebola; F(ab′)2 fragments; equine; immunoglobulins.

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The Journal of Infectious Diseases, Volume 220, Issue 1, 1 July 2019, Pages 41–45

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